February 28, 2022

Barefoot in a Meadow Dress

By Audrey Wright
Barefoot in a Meadow Dress
Listen up ladies!! I'm keeping it light today with the reading because after all, it is a Monday! This is the time where I day dream about summer being near...I mentally start to plan all my free & airy dresses that I want to wear. I always make a summer goal for myself: that i'll wear sundresses at least 4x a week. I tend to go for an effortless & flowy sundress with light makeup & either a low, loose bun, or keep my wild hair down. I call my summer aesthetic the
"barefoot & carefree day dreaming in a meadow while looking like a princess" look.
Let me take you through some dresses that I feel would match my aesthetic from SJ!

Lucia Midi Dress

All hail the beautiful Lucia with her light yellow & cream color smocked pattern! This dress is so unique because of the all over floral pattern that sort of looks baroque. The open back ties together with a white ribbon that compliments the dresses pattern. This is definitely a barefoot walkin' dress to your favorite spot in the meadow! The silhouette is so elegant, yet carefree which is not like most dresses. 

Twirling Sage Midi Dress

Nothing says running through a meadow like a sage midi dress that has ruffles on the sleeves! My favorite part of this dress is one that no one really notices: the way the bottom of the dress flows because of the way the seam runs! It allows the dress to be so true to it's name. Pull your hair up in a loose pony to show off the slight ruffle sleeve!

Making Memories Midi

I think the key to a perfect carefree meadow dress is for them all to be a midi length. It allows you to have that ethereal flowy look, but not too overwhelming. The Making Memories is princess like because of the silk & pattern. The pattern has light map outlines in this navy blue that makes the cream silk standout. She's mysterious & adventurous making her even more unique & perfect for a walk in the garden!

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