February 21, 2022

Photoshoot Coordinator BTS

By Audrey Wright
Photoshoot Coordinator BTS


Welcome to the behind the scenes blog where I’ll tell you how it all goes down at SJ as a photoshoot coordinator! I’ll take you through my regular work week schedule (even though it feels like it’s different every week) which includes creative meetings, styling, prep, & the actual photoshoot day itself. I love the fact that every week is new & there’s always something different to create! Whether I am creating for myself or for Shelby Jewel I find it exciting & challenging (in the best way) because I can continuously learn how to get better or push the creative boundary!



MONDAY: Creative Meetings

Monday’s aren’t so bad when you have a comforting place to go to & you can make a big ole cup of coffee before the work day starts! Every Monday we have a creative meet up where we share what we have to do for the week & that includes Shelby (owner), Emma (operations manager), Ashley (marketing director), & me (photoshoot coordinator). We talk about ads, photoshoots, social media, events, editorials, operations, & anything in between! We’re also a group of goofy gals so we have a little fun & crack jokes here & there! If you ever come to the back room you’ll see us singing along while we work or maybe even catch a few tiny dance moves as we pass each other.


TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY: styling, fitting, & prep days

During these two days I am either styling or fitting our model for the photoshoot that week! We have a really good system of keeping a specific styling day & photoshoot day, but that can change because… that’s life. I usually stay a week ahead (sometimes 2) when it comes to making a theme, getting a model, looking for locations, & the best times to take pictures. It can all add up really fast so I have to be ready in case something happens like it raining on photoshoot day or if times don’t work for everyone to be there. Tuesdays are reserved for styling so the model will come in & I will take her through the theme & the clothes. She’ll be fitted & I write down specifics of the outfit to create a storyline for Ashley (marketing director) so that when she creates she can envision it! We go through how to model certain outfits to show off the clothes the best & the fun little things we like to do like our cool shots. Wednesday is mainly prep day! I have to make sure all the items that are leaving the store are written down so we know what is taken from the store. I steam the clothes, tape the shoes so they don’t get messy, & make sure all the accessories are in their little bin.



THURSDAY: photoshoot day

Hello & Good Morning because photoshoot days are usually early depending on the time of year…we want to make sure the lighting is great! We like to shoot in the afternoon but the sun going down early didn’t help so we have to change it up. Early morning it is!! I have to go straight to the store to load my car up of all the products we need: clothes, accessories, shoes, rolling rack, changing tent, & wagon so we can throw everything in it. I print off the sheet of the specific outfits to make sure we get certain detailed shots for new things & cool poses. My job on photoshoot days is directing the model with poses & angles to shoot. Our fab intern will make sure she has the right clothes & accessories on while I am planning where the model can pose. Posing & locations are a whole other story because we’re picky with what we want. We make sure to be as creative as we can be but within the look of Shelby Jewel! I personally like to move fast on these days so I can keep things going & get done at a good time so we can all refuel before we go back to the shop.



FRIDAY: check in & start over

Fridays for me are nice because the photoshoot is over for the week & that means all we have to do is “clean up”. We check all the items from the photoshoot back in so we know we didn’t lose an item. We re-steam if needed & hang everything up so it can be put back. Throughout the week, when I’m not helping anyone or writing the blog, or doing the Pinterest I will already have the details for the next photoshoot ready, but in case something changes I go over it Friday & re-evaluate. I want each photoshoot to be better than the last so I have to be picky & go over that with myself! There’s always something new that I can do or improve on so it really is limitless!


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